5 Reasons a Search Box on your site will help you sell more!
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Search Box, the bonus of onsite searching.

Search isn’t just for Search Engines. Putting a Search box on your website can benefit not only your customers but also increase sales on your site. Use these tips and you could easily see a 5 – 10 % increase in sales. Let me know in the comments how you have implemented these tips!


Within this blog, we will discuss how adding a search box can:

  1. Help your customers find what they are looking for.
  2. Speed up the buying process.
  3. Find out what your customers are looking for.
  4. Make Suggestions and encourage upsells
  5. Keep customers on your site when they can’t see what they are looking for.


1. Help your customers find what they are looking for.

Show your product ranges.

Next have the used the ‘related searches’ trick very well. Simply enter the term ‘Jeans’ and you will be instantly responded with every type of jeans they sell. Great! I was looking for ‘Skinny Jeans’ – found them, clicked the link and added a pair I liked to the basket. Simple, quick and easy.

suggestion search

2. Speed up the buying process.

Use a product code search to find the product quickly.

Seen something you want to buy in the Argos Catalogue? Okay, so you drop onto the Argos website.


Do you type?
A) Bosch Electric Oven
B) 411/5489


Bosch Electric Oven may sound more obvious… but you will be greeted by 9 Ovens to choose from. I have already decided offline which one I want to buy so, for me, its better to enter 411/5489 – bringing me straight to the product I want to buy. Add to the basket, checkout, sold. Simple.


Working with Product or Order Codes is especially important when you have an offline marketing strategy to work alongside everything you’re doing online.  In the case of catalogue shops, it works in store too.


It sounds simple but a surprising number of online stores don’t have the search indexed to the product or order codes. Check yours now, does it work?

Argos Search Box
Argos Search Box using Product Code Search








3. Find out what your customers are looking for.

Review your site searches to find out if you are offering the right products

Using Magento, it’s very easy to see what site visitors have searched for on your site. Looking at www.giftskingdom.co.uk in the screenshot below, you can see the 1st Column is the Search Term that potential customers have used, the 2nd column shows the number of product results returned when that term is searched. Column 3 shows how many times each search term has been requested.

Search Terms
Search Terms in Website

















This shop doesn’t actually sell a ‘retro tv xmas scene’ yet it’s proven to be a really popular search. So, from this data, we can see that it might be worthwhile stocking this item.


It’s also clear from these results that when someone searches ‘musical carousel horse snow globes’ 115 results are returned. We know that the store doesn’t actually stock that many horse snow globes so the search needs to be improved to show fewer, more relevant results to help a customer find exactly what they are looking for.


4. Make Suggestions and encourage upsells.

Show related special offers.

Ebuyer makes great use of the search box upsells by showing products on offer which are related to your search term. Search suggestions appear in the first section of the results with the ‘Deals’ appearing below these – highlighted in red to draw your attention. I was looking for a laptop charger but now I’m thinking; “Hey, what a great deal on a new laptop! I may just get that instead”.

search box showing suggested products


5. Keep customers on your site when they can’t see what they are looking for.

The item your customer wants may not be seen easily through site navigation.

Looking at the screenshot below from vitalsd.co.uk the search box has a really clear call out. On Vital Signs Direct you have thousands of signs to choose from so it could take a long time to find exactly what you are looking for by simply using the site’s navigation. However, if I search for the term ‘CCTV’ I’m greeted by just 21 signs which match my request.  I can now see all the specific ‘CCTV’ signs in one place as and, as a result, I’m much more likely to not only find a sign I actually want but also proceed to the checkout and complete my purchase.

search box with message
Can’t find what you are looking for?







These tips are just a few really simple ideas that make for an improved user experience. Combing some or all of them will ultimately improve your site’s conversion rate.



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